Learning from failure: the first FAILfaire

Im really interested in the the idea of mobileactive.org’s idea of a ‘FAILfair‘: learning from what went wrong:

Calling all failures!  On April 14 we’re hosting the first FAILfaire featuring a close look at ICT and mobile development projects that have crashed, burned, and simply FAILED.

While we often focus on highlighting successes and gains in this field, it’s no secret that many projects just don’t work – some aren’t scalable, some aren’t sustainable, some can’t get around bureaucratic hoops, and many fail due to completely unanticipated barriers. FAILfaire is a platform to openly and honestly discuss failures so that we can learn from what hasn’t worked in the past in order to make our future projects stronger and better.

Sadly I cant make it, but will look forward to what emerges.

In development we hear constant talk of ‘best practice’, lessons learnt and ‘success stories’. But we all know that we learn most from our mistakes.  Isnt it time to learn about bad practice, and shouldnt ‘fail stories’ be the exception that we all look for?


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