Communicating Development II

In an earlier post I said Id look at how its possible to communicate complex ideas about development through simple messages. One principle of communication is that feelings matter. People remember 30% of what you say, and 70% of how made them feel.

The Conservative Party’s  video illustrating their Development Green Paper is a good example. Why? Becuase its punchy, communicating complex ideas with a clarity and dynamism that belies the complexity of the ideas (though the Overseas Development Institute questions the substance of these ideas here). Notice that there is no appearance, or even mention of the Shadow SoS Andrew Mitchell. But there are feelings?  Lots. Look:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Conservative Party | Campaigns | …“, posted with vodpod

So where do the Conservatives draw their inspiration from? The Conservative video looks to be inspired by one of the best campaign videos Ive seen.

The Girl Effect video is one of the most compelling campaign video’s Ive seen. Its short, punchy and very, very simple. Its message ‘sticks’. Dan Heath does a good job of explaining why the message is ‘sticky‘.

The Girl Effect campaign was founded by Nike Foundation.


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